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Life is not a rehearsal Make sure your money performs perfectly

Ask someone: “Should I save for the future?” they’ll say yes. Ask them, “Are you doing anything about it?” and they’ll probably say no.

As humans, we’re hard-wired to focus on the present, putting future planning to one side, often to our cost years down the line.

We help you do the right things today to get the most out of your fees, revenue streams, royalties and rights for years to come.

Imagine how you want life to play out as your career matures and you transition to later life. Planning for a comfortable financial future is about balance, precision and peace of mind. We’ll make that happen.

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

Bob Dylan

Planning for the future
Getting savings, pensions and investments in harmony with your values

When you’re performing, practicing, recording, collaborating, getting known, signing contracts - focused on the moment and enjoying the spotlight - your finances will be the last thing on your mind.

But this period in your career, when you’re most active, respected and in demand, is the best time to get your financial future in order. You know where your skills can take you and you can see how you want life to work out.

Now is the time when your actions can make the most difference.


The music and performing industries can be fickle. Your career might see all kinds of changes - both expected and unexpected - in demand, trends, management, outlets, revenue deals, work relationships and your health. All will have an impact on your future assets.

You may already have savings and investments, but we’ve seen how the transition to later life can be challenging for people who didn’t make proper financial plans. That’s why we focus on you as an individual and:

LISTEN - understand your objectives for life’s transitions and what exactly you want to happen

PLAN - tailor investments to allow for the life you want in future, while still enjoying today

IMPLEMENT - put everything in place, so your money works in an efficient and effective way

REFINE - adjust plans to allow for changes in circumstances and priorities

It’s important to have a purpose in life, whatever stage you’re at. Uncovering your vision is a key part of our process, so we can create a clear roadmap towards what you want to achieve.


Putting money aside now doesn’t mean you have to compromise enjoying life while you’re young. Wealth planning is about finding the right balance.

We look at the whole picture when drawing up our recommendations, ensuring you are able to enjoy the fruits of your talents while you’re earning them. What’s important is managing your wealth so it performs well for you at every stage of your career and beyond.

It’s vital to start early if you want to be in a comfortable position for the rest of your life. Ask an adviser about compound interest - it’ll be a real eye-opener.


We understand the highs and lows music professionals - both performers and facilitators - can face in their career. From where you’re standing today, retirement probably seems a long way off, but making plans now will mean you won’t look back in anger in five, ten or thirty years’ time.

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David James Wealth made a huge difference to my understanding of my finances, planning my retirement and my options thereafter.


Senior Tax Manager

Been thinking you should
get your finances organised?

Been thinking you should
get your finances organised?

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