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The trust problem

Posted: 11/01/21

“I knew I needed to talk to someone about my finances. But I didn’t know who to ask, or where to start.”

You need someone you can trust to help you set up a secure financial future. But tips on where to get reliable advice aren’t something you pick up in the changing room or after work. So, what can you do?

Sound familiar?

Justine’s doing well. She’s now a partner in an IT firm and can put money by while still leading a comfortable lifestyle. But a lot of people she knows have had poor experiences with financial advisers - recommending offers to get commissions, thinking only of short-term gains or specialising in just one area.

Craig’s career is taking off. He’s made the starting line-up and has just signed a healthy three-year contract. Everyone around him is buying the house and the car. Who can he trust to help him plan for the future while still living life to the full right now?

Professionals in every field struggle to find people they can rely on when they need sound advice. Unfortunately, this can lead to something of a haphazard approach to investing and saving.

For example: one sports star bought into a new restaurant when a friend said it was a good idea. Others have purchased property because it seemed like a sensible move. Neither have seen great returns. More people have racked up multiple ISAs or dabbled in shares.

And in each case, these investments were based on advice without a plan or an overarching purpose. It’s just hoping something will stick.

It’s vital to have someone you can rely on for your solid money advice. What’s stopping people finding professionals they can trust?

Are you the barrier to getting good advice?

When you’re young, making a name for yourself - building a reputation and respect - your ego often stops you from getting financial help.

Why? Because most of us would rather save ourselves the embarrassment of revealing that we don’t know much about something.

This problem is particularly evident among sports stars but can equally affect professionals working in any kind of competitive environment.

So, we tend to avoid the subject, never getting the right information, and our finances drift. Before we know it, our life is changing, and we never got around to making a plan.

Expect the unexpected

50% of sports stars face financial difficulties when their careers end.

Professionals are focused on their performance in their field and getting the next big deal, promotion or pay rise. But as the years pass, things can happen to change your earning power.

You might pick up an injury, experience illness, suffer a divorce or need to spend time with a dependent family member. You might become a victim of shifting trends or changes in the workplace.

There are many, many things you might simply not be prepared for. But with the proper help, you could be.

When people have the means to plan for life’s transitions, it’s tragic they don't also get the right advice to set themselves up. So, how can you find the right source of information?

Plan with purpose

The starting point is to find someone who’s been down your path before. Who understands the pressures and issues you face - both in your personal life and professional career. And who understands the way life can zoom by while you’re busy being on top of your game.

They’ll know the emotions you’re feeling and the choices you have. They’ll have a handle on your priorities and, at the same time, will let you do the talking.

And this knowledge isn’t just about what to do with your money. It’s a knowledge of yourself and what you want to do with your life.

Because financial advice you can trust isn’t simply about being told what’s good for you. It’s about tailoring your finances to meet your vision for your future. It’s about planning with purpose.

The David James Wealth difference

So, seek advice from an experienced professional who understands where you’re at and knows how to make investments based on solid plans.

But also educate yourself so you can make informed decisions and challenge what you’re being told when you need to. You’re a master at what you do in your career, so make yourself a master of your money matters too, while you have the chance.

You need good information and guidance so you can be in control and trust the people you work with.

At David James Wealth, we’re pulling back the curtain on financial advice and turning the process on its head. Our approach does not start with what products we can sell you but begins with the future life you want to lead.

Our first and foremost priority is to listen to everything you have to say about your vision, your hopes, your ambitions and your priorities. And we work out a way for your money to get you there.

Financial planning is about giving yourself more choices further down the line. It’s about using your money so you can enjoy life now and still have more options to achieve the life you want in the future.

Has getting things sorted out been on your mind?

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